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Gridia is a MMO with a persistent world and a huge focus on crafting. The game is entirely data driven - graphics, items, crafting and monsters can be modified to make unique servers.

Current version: alpha-1.2

Here is a "How to Play" video. Download the game, or play in the browser!

My end goal for Gridia is a game which utilizes the fullest extent of what I know about programming. I want a product that a creative mind can use to create their own world – complete with customizable graphics, items, quests and the like. I want the development for Gridia to be as open as possible so that others may learn from this project as I have.

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You can also check out the source code on GitHub.


A sample image from RPG World

Around 2005, I was really into a game called RPG World. RPG World is an MMO driven by a central concept: it’s customizable. Each server has its own set of graphics, items, monsters and crafting recipes. RPG World is very much a data-driven game. The towns, quests and content are hand crafted by player-administrators, allowing for unique worlds when talented and creative folks were put it charge. Other than top-level creation by appointed admins, players can harvest the landscape for its resources and claim parcels of lands to build on. Every player has a place to call their own, tend their own little garden, store loot and decorate as they wish. They can run into town to trade with other players or just socialize.

RPG World had (and probably still does) a very small and close knit community. I recall very generous people helping me out, pointing me in the right directions on how best to play the game or how to tackle certain dungeons. The social aspect of the game was perhaps the most addicting thing about it. Admins frequently ran games such as capture the flag, sieges, and even musical chairs! I can recall many fond hours spent just chatting away with other players.

After playing RPG World I started to get into other things. I began to play games less and started to teach myself how to program. I started with your basic stuff – and I do mean basic. But in the forefront of my mind I always had the dream to recreate my most beloved gaming experience – RPG World. The depth of my programming skills can easily be tracked by looking at how my clone of this game has evolved. I must have refactored the entire code base at least 7 times over the last 6 years. It began in purely ActionScript 3, and through some lucky experimentation, I got a client-server version going in AS3-Java. I then toyed with a Java-Java version, followed by some dabbling in JavaScript, and then Dart. I dare not look at the original code of my first attempts. This pet project of mine has, thank goodness, developed my skills as a programmer greatly.

Development History

Here are some stages of development: from the beginning to the latest.

AS3 standalone version, complete with warps and item movement
AS3 - Java version. Here I'm showing off lighting and LOS
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AS3 - Java round two. Sporting a custom UI with a cool map feature, and a player home.
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Java-Java version.

I found a bunch of old development images and uploaded them to albums on imgur. Check it out! 1 2 3

Where is Gridia now?

Development for this game began a decade ago, but has recently begun anew in October. The past couple years have seen the greatest increase in my skills as a programmer, and as such, I believe I am finally fit to undertake this project and see it to the end. Michael “Mickey” Kudlo, the creator of RPG World, has generously allowed me to use his art assets for Gridia. I have written a server-client library in Java, and am using Unity (more like, C# and using Unity to build...). I hope to one day hire an artist to create original artwork for Gridia. But in the meantime, this suffices.

Big features in the first alpha release:

  • Accounts, server-client architecture
  • Data-driven world data (items, monsters, crafting)
  • Swappable graphics
  • Crafting system
  • Map generation
  • Basic combat
  • A 'Demo World' with some pre-made test dungeons

Features coming within the next 3 months:

  • Refactor. A lot.
  • Fleshed out combat system
  • A unique spell learning and casting system
  • Quest scripting
  • Land ownership

And finally, the "would be nice, in the far future"-list consists of mostly this: a central repository for all content. Content being graphics, items, monsters, and crafting. Players will be able to create their own content and add it to the game multiverse. Items will have a certain permission level to prevent super powerful items being used in a fair server.


My goals for the next few months include getting a presence in the indie developer community, marketing Gridia as much as possible and starting a Steam Greenlight campaign.